Community of experts, investors
and like-minded people creating
an ideal startup ecosystem

how we can help

We provide coworking spaces for early stage startups, facilitate international accelerator applications, assist with getting investments and invest ourselves. Our partners and in-house specialists can guide or directly execute in any relevant field. We do accounting, business consulting and education, design and development, marketing and pr, legal and hr.

🌱 accelerators

We are constantly expanding our network of international accelerator programs: we get in touch with the schools, keep track of their ratings and regional characteristics. We analyze the nuances of the requirements and the differences among the programs.

We can help you choose the most suitable acceleration program for your startup. We will carefully check all of the conditions so that they remain to be advantageous even after completion of the program. Let's exclude unexpected pitfalls.

We will assist in any organizational aspects: coordinating communication, collecting all the necessary documents, preparing for an interview. We can help you to put together a pitch deck of a product or idea, or we will test your presentation among experts.


πŸ’Έ investments

We provide access to communities of trusted investors, international funds and business angels. To ensure the most favorable conditions – we lead negotiations and accompany transactions

We help to prepare flawless pitches in both English and Russian. Our legal partners collect and review all the necessary legal components and support the process end-to-end

We actively participate in various syndicates and often act as lead investors ourselves. We favour the speed and flexibility in structuring of transactions, and provide support in startup valuation.


πŸ”§ services

For maximum benefit we practice smart investments. To do this, we compiled a list of services that startups need at an early stage and then partnered with the best specialists in respectful fields. All services are handpicked based on individual needs. For simplicity, we have divided these into three packages:

πŸ₯š light

Product & project management classes by Zborka incubator, diagnostics session and tracking, unit economy 101, pitch practising, access to the library of documents and useful tools, financial models, mentorship sessions, access to our network of business angels, global accelerators, co-working space in the center of Minsk

🐣 start

Together we sit down for a diagnostics session, establish a roadmap, set up a PR-box to place your startup on the world map, meet our Legal partner to support your company registration or other legal activities, let you access our library of documents, organise tracking, mentoring and fundraising sessions, and we will match you with relevant accelerators, grants and funds β€” based on your profile

πŸ₯ pro

A level up from the "start" pack β€” at this point your startup is actively preparing for the next milestone. We do a true deep dive into your product and business processes β€” conduct a marketing research and test hypothesises, analyse your team, prepare for due-dilligence. You have one-on-one's with our in-house experts and partners, such as legal or PR, to assist you on your path and accelerate your growth


⚑ who we are

  • Community of experts, investors and like-minded people creating an ideal startup ecosystem.
  • We are a Dutch company focusing on the New East β€” the emerging startup scene in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltics.
  • Based in Minsk and Amsterdam, we are on a mission to build a bridge between Eastern Europe and the Western World.

πŸš€ what we do

  • Our goal is to help startups reach their next milestone β€” enter the most-suitable accelerator, raise the next round of investment or enter a new market.
  • We work with startups raising pre-seed / seed capital.
  • We invest with services, checks, services & checks β€” usually based on a Convertible Loan Agreement. This means that after we invest will get a small equity share in return ONLY if and when we succeed.
  • There's a list of various requirements β€” from Legal and Operational to Marketing and PR β€”almost every startup faces at an early stage. We made a list, gathered expertise both in-house and together with our partners to provide you with the tools and to save you money and time.

πŸ“Έ team

member of; investor; CEO, entrepreneur, more than 24 years in B2B textile & fashion industries, Belarus Business Angel Network member
Olga Alikhanova
member of; 8Β years of experience in biz dev, former business analyst at EPAM, graduated from Nyenrode Business University and University of Westminster
Masha Alikhanova
member of; 28 years of experience in business, serial entrepreneur, real estate & development
Dmitry Yukhnevich
member of; angel investor, MTS Startup Hub venture partner and Belarus Business Angel Network board member
Anton Kulichkin
member of; 5 years of experience in international project management and 8 years of scientific research, double MA degree
Rebel Rijper

πŸ“‘ contact


Ploshad Svobody 17